Sonntag, 26. August 2012

on my workbench..

a lot of stuff wait to be finished. The "kleiner Befehlswagen" will be the first in some days. Then the brand new Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) needs work and should be finished soon


the zimmert of Dragons new Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) is outstanding. It is a impressive model. Panzer Brigade 105 - 110 was the first units who had got  this vehicle. I have just started.. 
both superb kits - the MK.I is a team project with my friend . He has also a kit.

modeling and have a coffee :-)

old model, but there is no newer kit of this truck.

Tamiya Möbelwagen with Trumpeters Flak 3,7 cm.. a never ending story?
 Tristar Pz I Ausf. A - very detailed and a must have

needs only some pigments and a base Broncos A13 Mk.II Cruiser Tank Mk.IV


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